Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Favorites

I first fell in love with the idea of an orangish/tangerine lipstick after seeing it in a magazine (which one, I cannot remember). Anyway, the article discussed Revlon's new hue Siren which is a part of it's line of retro-toned lipsticks. I picked it up a few days ago and can't stop wearing it! I am not a lipstick girl, I prefer the glossiness of a good lip gloss, but this color definitely works on a variety of skin tones. My new favorite nail polish also happens to be Siren from Revlon, I picked it up when I picked up the lipstick and it's been my new go to color.

bonus photo, love how she kind of looks like a barbie doll...with pink hair :). 


Emily said...

Ooh, I've been wanting those colors as well - thanks for reviewing them!!
xo Emily

Shani Galarza said...

I'm still obsessed with this editorial + the hair .
Love it !!!



Plami said...

I love this color as well