Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Alive, I Promise!

So, I realize that I have been absent from posting on this blog this past week, mainly because I have a new job (it's very close to my "dream" job) which has taken a lot of my focus, this weekend I will catch up on blog related work, I promise! I have a few photos of some new items I've picked up that I want to share. In the meantime, I share a smile courtesy of my favorite Starbucks barista, who not only makes the best caramel macchiattos, but she always add a little "love" to my coffee. Enjoy!


Sarah Smile said...

Good luck with your job! I wish my barista would make my drinks like that! xx

heylila said...

thanks for your comment and you should definitely add some orange! :)
Yummy coffee!!!