Friday, January 21, 2011

The Fridays

I have the Fridays, totally similar to the Mondays in that I am excited for the weekend to begin. That being said, I couldn't decide on what to blog about so...when I saw this question/answer post on Bows and Pearls, I decided I'd answer the questions too . Here goes:

eating/drinking: water. i've been really good at getting my 8 glasses (64 oz) a day.

listening to: A mix on my iPod, currently Lady Gaga, but a few moments earlier I was in total Jackson 5 mode *singing** Got to be there in the morning** (♥ MJ).

pondering: How to get more fans on Murval's Facebook fan page, I'm thinking a giveaway (the obvious choice right...) will keep you guys posted. 
wearing: a black maxi dress with a gray cardigan, and my favorite pair of vintage rhinestone, screw back earrings)

anticipating: the weekend!! going thrift/vintage shopping and to knaus berry farm...they have the best cinnamon rolls and really good milk shakes.

baking: nothing right now, though i did make a batch of brownies last night (yum!)

reading: just picked up jane of eyre (it's my first time reading it)...right now reading the elle interview with katie holmes.

loving: working on my first novel (it's still in the very early stages)

buying: i'm on the hunt for a white blazer...and a vintage chain link necklace (i want to use it as a bracelet). 


Paola said...

answer:yes I love them too!!*_* thanks for your comment;)


Hello Marrissa. Thanks for stopping by my blog. As for the necklace, yes I am hoping to open an Etsy store. And how exciting to hear that you are writing a novel. Look forward to getting to know your blog. xo veronika

Julia Calhoun said...

hi hun,
thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I would LOVE to have u as my follower!!!

Kisses Julia

t said...

Nice post. A giveaway is always a good idea! :)