Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog Roundup

I had a pretty nice weekend, there was a bridal shower, had a fun dinner (it was a barbecue, Miami weather rocks) with the family and I finally picked up the Mulberry for Target bag in the pink leopard print at 75 percent off (don't you just love a good deal). How was your weekend?

Decided to kick this week off with a blog round-up, a few of my favorite posts from other blogs:

Elle Sees gave tips on how to fight off  dry winter skin. Also, be sure to check out her posts on winter hair and winter face.

FabSugar shows you how to wear flare.

B. Jones' used Carrie of Sex and the City as inspiration for her outfit posts last week. Kooky Carrie was one of my favorites (that clutch is amazing).

via b.jones

kris and kel introduced us to the lovely fashion illustrations of Brittany Fuson .

The Fiction I Live's   Chyrel Gomez showed off her pics from the Paramore concert she attended.

and The Cosmopolitan Clevelander shared 50 items for our closets.

finally over at PinkPopMash (my other blog) I interviewed the lovely MaryBeth of Top Drawer Vintage



Elle Sees said...

Thank you for linking to me! That made my day.

Marissa said...

@elle sees, no problem! your tips were really useful.

Isquisofrenia said...

awesome blog!!! thank you for your sweet comment!

thechyrelgomez said...

oh wow! thank you so much for linking me up. :)

so sweet of you! :)

freyja said...

love the picture, it's amazing ! :D

Becky-May said...

Amazing blog :) I love all the handbags :)

The Flower Girl