Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday's Blog Round-Up

A look at what's happening on some of my (new and old) favorite blogs :

Sewow of Maps and Fragments shared pics of her trip to Thailand, which included an  
elephant ride. Seriously, check out her blog for some really cool pics of her travels.


One of my fav stylists B. Jones  shared tips for packing for travels, the girl is seriously organized.

Keeping up with the travel theme, The Glamourai Kelly Framel showed off her travel style.


The lovely Emily of Bellishment  showed her readers how to make their very own Scrabble board.

Lauren and Julie of Born and Bread shared photos from their night out at the Queen of e.vil store opening.

Finally, Brunch at Saks shared a recipe for these yummy looking, glutten-free vanilla bean cupcakes (they look delish!).



One day I'll share the story of how I became known as "cupcake" at my local grocery store.

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Becky-May said...

Lovely post! You have a very unique blog :)

The Flower Girl


KD said...

Those cupcakes look so good! x

Fashion Nicotine said...

that elephant picture is so cooL!

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Thanks so much for the shout out Marissa! Love your blog - I'm heading over to theglamourai now to check out her travel post. Thanks for posting!
xoxo Emily

Wida said...

Ah, I miss Thailand! I once rode an elephant there as well as in Indonesia when I was a child! They are really cute! Also, for a zoo act in Thailand, they had an elephant walk over me! In Thailand that is good luck supposedly! Haha! And oh man, you are making me hungry! Yum!

Missing Amsie Blog

Reg Rodriguez said...

great roundup! it's so varied but all interesting :)


Marissa said...

@emily, no problem, i thought it was a really cool idea ;)

Hazel☺ said...

wow great blogs you shared! visiting now :)

<3 hazel

Anna said...

Oh I love that travel look!
Kelly Framel is always a source of inspiration.

Love your blog and I'm following, hope you'll check out mine and follow back if you like it.

thechyrelgomez said...

love the blog round up! :)

Sarah Smile said...

Love the blog, great posts! The elephant photo is fantastic!! I'm following you now :)

Vicki said...

Love the cupcakes, what do you think about following each other?