Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Daybook

I read blogs daily, as soon as my computer is up and running I look through my favorites. One of those is The Daybook  which is written by the adorable Sydney and her husband Tyson. This interview was originally supposed to be posted in the Bagazine, a magazine I ran for my old job, but since I no longer work there I asked Syd if it was okay to post here. 

Girl: What was the inspiration behind The Daybook?
Sydney: Honestly, when I started, it was just going to be one of those personal blogs for husband and I. I only started posting about my clothing this summer after getting bored with the same old routine. So uh ... to answer your question ... boredom? Gaw, that's awful.

Girl: How would you describe your personal style?
Sydney: Oh gosh. Simple and classic. To be honest, I feel like I'm still trying to nail that down. What IS my personal style? It's always a work in progress it seems. Some days I dress with nautical inspiration, other days I try to channel JCrew, and sometimes I like to be a bit more edgy. 

Girl: Have you always been interested in fashion?
Sydney:  Actually no. I've always had an eye for aesthetics, but not necessarily fashion. It's probably been just within this last year that I've really started to become aware of what I wear and how I wear it and start developing myself in this GIMUNGUS world of fashion ... or rather world of personal style. I still don't really consider myself to be "fashionable."

Girl: You’re running late for a dinner date with the husband and have 5 minutes to get dressed, what is your go to outfit?
 Sydney: Well ... since it's the husband, I've gotta look hot. I tend to be the layering queen which, as we all know, in the typical guy world is not always ideal right? So. I would probably throw on my newest mustard yellow skirt, my blue polka dot blouse that fits in allll the right places {wink wink ladies} and some wedge heels. And maybe my gold boyfriend watch just for good measure. It is, afterall, from him.
Girl: What advice would you give to someone trying to start their own blog?
Sydney:  You've heard it once, and you're gonna hear it again. BE YOURSELF! I'm not kidding. People really relate to genuine blogging. So whether it's through your pictures or your writing, do something that's authentic only to YOU. It's the best way you can stand out in this gigantic sea of blogs. Also, develop those blogger relationships! Comment, comment, comment. It's the absolute key to getting the word out about you and your fabulous self!
Girl: What’s your favorite handbag?

Sydney:  My little bitty vintage purse that I did a post on right here.
Girl:What is the one thing you always carry in your handbag? Why?
 Sydney: Lipstick. I guess I talk a lot ... or maybe eat a lot. Something. Girl's gotta re-apply.
Girl: What can we expect from the Daybook in 2011?
Sydney: Well doesn't that just sound all official-like? Gosh. I'm not sure I have an official answer for that. hmmm.
Lots of clothes. Lots of husband. Lots of tutorials. And lots of exciting adventures in our soon-to-be-home, DC!!
Girl: Complete this sentence: I am happiest when…
Sydney: my tummy is full, my work is complete and I get the whole night just to spend with him. 


Kristy said...

I love all those photos! She looks so lovely x

thechyrelgomez said...

she has great style.

Wida said...

Awww she is so cute!

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Emily said...

So funny that you posted this! I just discovered her blog earlier today and I love love love it! I think it's one my favorites that I've found. Such a great interview!

ChiccaStyle said...

Love her style!!!

Sarah Smile said...

Her style is so effortless. Great post, love this blog. thanks xoxo

cathy. said...

She's so adorable :) Love her style!


the late afternoon said...

The Daybook is a daily read of mine :) the photos, stories, and style is so personable! great interview!